Promoting Veganism


A Vegan is a person who abstains from using animal products in their diet mainly. A lifestyle vegan is a person who extends this idea of veganism into the other areas of their life.

As it seems to be still new in the western world, this is not a new concept in India, where the idea/practice of Jainism has been around since many centuries. Jainism basically practises the concept of ahimsa, or non-violence towards all living things.

Veganism is becoming more prevalent now in forms of restaurants, vegan communities, and celebs promoting Veganism. Vegan products are also becoming popular and are a fast growing industry.

Promoting veganism can be done with a few simple steps such as:-

  • Cookbooks/Recipes

When many people think about a vegan diet, they think boring. This is however, not the case, vegan recipes can be extremely healthy and delicious. However, just reading a recipe may not make someone want to try something new, which brings us to our next method,

  • Photography

When writing a cookbook or blog post about vegan recipes, it is important to show off your end product. This is where photography comes in, and good quality photographs can stimulate the interest level of the reader.

  • Vegan Blogs/Columns

Writing a blog or column about being a vegan and how it has changed your life, narrating experiences can be quite effective in reaching out to people who are just starting out and do not have a good idea about veganism or do not know about the benefits of it.

  • Vegan pound party/food fair

A vegan pound party or food fair is a great idea to pull in the interest of the people who are a bit unsure of what this lifestyle/diet has to offer. The pound party basically means the host prepares some vegan dishes and splits the cost of the ingredients needed by the number of the guests. The food fair is also a good idea, as it lets people experience different dishes or vegan products and also can bring about family time.

  • Vegan Society

Starting a vegan society in your community can create awareness among the people. Plus, having a group in the midst of your community, you can even encourage the restaurants provide more vegan options.


November 1st is World Vegan Day and now the whole of November has been designated as Vegan month, so this is the perfect time to plan ahead to promote veganism in your community. Comment below and tell us, how you plan to promote veganism during this month.

Well it has been a little while since I wrote my last blog. Long story short, we have been very busy with designing footwear, planning our new spring/summer launch and other exciting things we have in the works.  We are trying very hard to catch up with our seasonal launches and spending a lot of time sourcing materials, designing and planning product launches.

We are slowly but finally getting there. We are very excited and cannot wait to show you all our new styles and products we will be bringing to market first this summer season but also for fall.  Every support and all of you readers means a lot to us and is part of what keeps us going here at Colourful Grass. We have launched a campaign on Indiegogo about 2 weeks ago and we now have about 10 days left. We have near to come close to our campaign goal.  That being said, we will be posting comments/feedback for the remainder of our campaign.

Every support we receive means a lot to us and that is why we have also decided to offer our Spring & Summer 2012 Premier collection at ½ the price. Yes, ½ price!!!!  For many of you that do not know what is Indiegogo and how it works, well I will try my best to provide a short briefings of how it works.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that offers the opportunity for people like me and you to support companies and individuals achieve their dreams and have the opportunity to receive exclusive offerings in return.  When you visit our page, you will see our product offerings and can choose your preference on the right hand side to pre purchase our footwear. You will be asked to pay by either credit card and/or paypal. At the end of our campaign, we will be transferred our funding balance from Indiegogo minus their fees. We will then contact each and everyone of you for your preferred footwear selection, address and sizing so we can mail to you. The shoes will be mailed  by the middle of June when our shipment arrives in Canada and we will make sure that you are the first ones to receive this 2012 Premier collection footwear. We hope you will enjoy and until we speak again, we thankyou in advance from the Colourful Grass family!

Colourful Grass is fundraising here: http://igg.me/p/94282?a=413479 

It’s that time of the year again where we all come together to make impact within that 1 hour. A lot of you may have heard about Earth Hour and even participated. For those of you that do not know what is Earth Hour, we will fill you in a few details. Earth Hour is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) across the globe and is held on the last Saturday of March annually. This year, it happens to be on March 31st and will take place from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. During this hour, it is encourages that every households and business turn off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action and do your part on climate change and energy preservation. Last year records indicate that 5,251 cities and towns in 135 countries and territories in all seven continents responded to Earth Hour, and saved considerable electricity power across the globe.

The 2012 campaign theme of Earth Hour is “I Will If You Will”. I love this theme as it is encouraging and connecting people to do their part together as a team across the globe with one goal in mind. Great accomplishments usually come from great visions. Earth Hour is more than switching off lights for one hour once a year. It’s all about giving people a voice and working together to create a better future for our planet.

Likewise, ourselves at Colourful Grass we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for our next generations and see the planet as a whole. We combine our passion on fashion and environmental and humanitarian awareness together to design stylish, trendy, eco- and animal friendly footwear. Colourful Grass has a strong commitment to the environment and animal life.

We are going to be hosting a Veggie BBQ on Earth Day to raise awareness on sustainability. All proceeds from the food and 10% of our shoe sales will go to charitable organizations.

We have a strong passion and wonderful ideas on sustainable fashion, and we can do more with your support. Our Indiegogo campaign page at the link below and watch the video to see what the Colourful Grass family has to say: http://www.indiegogo.com/colourfulgrassfootwear?a=413479

We are looking for support from friends and family to bring to market our new spring/summer collection 2012 and we are offering great perks in return. If you could share the link through your network, it would be really appreciated!

We go shopping in malls and plazas every month with family, friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, do you start to notice eco-friendly apparel in their shopping bags?  If you noticed, don’t be surprised as a lot of other people did as well.  According to the latest survey from the 2012 Ryan Partnership Chicago/Mambo Sprouts Marketing Styling Sustainability, consumers would tend to double their eco-friendly apparel purchases in 2012.  Among the eco-apparel gateway categories footwear purchases will be remarkably reaching 48 percent.  Increasing eco-awareness encourage consumers to choose eco-friendly apparel (want to know about why eco-friendly or animal-friendly?  Please see our blog or watch Colourful Grass mission video).

Surprisingly quite a few people don’t even know where to buy eco clothing.  Eco apparel is usually expensive and has fewer styles as the non-eco apparel, and that’s why not so many stores sell eco apparel or put only a small portion in the showcases.

Colourful Grass has been dedicating to creating affordable stylish eco- and vegan footwear for both men and women.  Now we have selling points across Canada and the US, and online shoppers can easily find us on the famous ethical sites, such as PETA, Ethical Community and Green People, etc.  People love Colourful Grass shoes because we share the same value with consumers and the natural hemp canvas and coconut shell accessories that we use fully represent your eco-friendly style.    As spring has arrived and summer is coming, Colourful Grass is excited to launch 2012 Spring/Summer new styles sandals.  Come in the ethical fashion trend and refresh your styles with Colourful Grass shoes.  Take a visit to our Indiegogo campaign for more information.

A reminder to check our Indiegogo campaign page at the link below and watch the video to see what the Colourful Grass family has to say: http://www.indiegogo.com/colourfulgrassfootwear?a=413479

We are looking for support from friends and family to bring to market our new spring/summer collection 2012 and we are offering great perks in return. If you could share the link through your network, it would be really appreciated!

Want some snacks while watching TV or for the party?  We are pleased to tell you of this super yummy & easy to make vegetarian food – Kale Chips.  It tastes like nacho cheese but better and is very popular among my vegetarian friends and meat-eaters alike. Although it takes 12 hours to dehydrate, the process is very easy, and you can find the tools in your kitchen or the supermarket anywhere. It is probably by far the best Kale chips I have ever eaten!!! So yummy. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do~

What you need: 1 large bunch of curly, green kale, washed, large stems removed, torn into bite size pieces COATING: 1 cup cashews (soaked 2 hours) 1 red bell pepper, seeded chopped Juice of 1 lemon 2 t. agave (optional-I don’t add, I like the more salty + savory) 1 T. nutritional yeast ½ t. Himalayan pink crystal salt (use more or less to taste)

Make it: Put coating ingredients in Vitamix. Blend until smooth.  Using your hands, massage coating onto kale pieces getting it inside of curls.  Put on teflex sheets (don’t worry about flattening them, they are better bunched up) and dehydrate at 105 overnight or until coating is dry.  Slide onto mesh screen and dehydrate for 12 hours, or until very crispy.

**note: mine just took about another 4 hours after overnight and flipping. YUM!

A reminder to check our Indiegogo campaign page at the link below and watch the video to see what the Colourful Grass family has to say: http://www.indiegogo.com/colourfulgrassfootwear?a=413479

We are looking for support from friends and family to bring to market our new spring/summer collection 2012 and we are offering great perks in return. If you could share the link through your network, it would be really appreciated!

Colourful Grass is a new and promising company with a strong mission to act for our next generation.  As a young Canadian family company, Colourful Grass needs your support to initiate various marketing campaigns such as point of sale display, mini catalogues and order forms, as well as to launch new stylish eco friendly & vegan footwear.  Many customers and our retail partners are constantly inquiring about our new styles for this spring/summer.  With the help of Indiegogo and people like you, we’ll be able to bring to market a full collection of Colourful Grass footwear.

Instead of trying to change the world, why not just change our actions towards our purchases? Colourful Grass is about planting seeds, the kind of seed that will grow into a sustainable future and help protect the right of all living things on it. After all, the planet we leave behind is what our children will call home.

Colourful Grass is a strong team with creative minds and wonderful designs ready for your love for the eco vegan fashion.  Please visit our Facebook page to see our fantastic 2012 Premier Collection.

We are also offering great rewards in return of your support, such as limited edition Colourful Grass hemp t-shirts, E-video, and we are offering you the opportunity to be the first one to get your feet in these cute 2012 Premier footwear Collection at special prices.  What a great way to pre-order your pair.  You can choose different perks for different contributions.

If you like eco fashion or animal friendly footwear, and you also want to do something for the planet, please join Colourful Grass family and support us in your ways, thank you.

PS: Don’t forget to take a minute to watch our small video clip and learn more about Colourful Grass.

Facts ~ Is Cattle farming linked to Global Warming

Being an animal friendly (vegan) footwear company, research is fundamental to us so we can strive to become better at what we do. During our research, we always come across interesting facts on the animal farming industry. Not just for food consumption but for the fashion industry. Sometimes wearing a stylish leather jacket or carrying a luxury leather handbag is fashionable to some people.  But I am going to take you on a ten minute tour to the leather production circle.

First destination is a farm, specifically a cow farm.  Here is the first number you should know; a cow releases average 70 to 120 kg of Methane each year and Methane is 23 times higher than CO2 effect on global warming1.  Here is a simple math calculation to show you these scientific equations: 100kg Methane=2,300kg CO2; 2,300kg CO2=1,000 liters of petrol; 1,000 liters of petrol=12,500 km drive (estimating a car using 8 liters of petrol per 100 km), what does this mean?  The answer is that raising a cow equals to driving a distance of 12,500 km; this is the basis of one year greenhouse gas emission. ~Amazing numbers right?

Now let’s take a look at the tannery.  Now the process of how we get the cow to the tannery to the end product is not something that we like to discuss at Colourful Grass as it is as bit too cumbersome. Before leather goods are produced, workers will tan the raw hides to refine the leather and make it durable.  According to Blacksmith Institute’s The World’s Worst Toxic Pollution Problems Report 20112, estimating 2.5 to 4 million people in the world are at risk of Chromium pollution from tannery.  That being said, a lot of the tanneries are established in third world countries where the population is not aware of its effect on their environment and waters. Neither do they have the ability to recover with appropriate resources from such destruction. This is why and how important we believe it is at Colourful Grass to become aware of these statistics and facts so that every person can make a better choice in their purchases.

We believe that utilizing non animal by products in our footwear is a key fundamental to not only improving our environmental footprint but the impact it makes on the people.

Thank you for taking the time to read and visit us at www.colourfulgrass.com

Source: 1. Are cows the cause of global warming? at Timeforchange.org

2. The World’s Worst Toxic Pollution Problems Report 2011

We decided to write about this rescue story as it touched our hearts at Colourful Grass as a pure example of what it is like to be compassionate for our animal friends and lead by example.

Hale to the heroes who have worked hard to free the puppy and to those who rescue animal lives around the world on a day by day basis!  The rescuers used a stethoscope to find the puppy’s location and excavated 7-foot deep and finally rescued the frightened puppy.

It was heartbreaking to see what the puppy would have endured in the drain pipe for a whole night; the hunger, darkness and dampness.  Gladly, people did anything to save the puppy. I witnessed the brightest and strongest power and union in the world.  Hope this little four-week-old puppy will not be afraid to crawl away again with so many helps and support from animal lovers.

On the other hand, this story is worth thinking a lot more than the happy story.  If you have noticed the destroyed drainage, a 7-foot-deep trench and an excavator involving in the rescue, you could evaluate the huge bill to fixing the drainage and the trench as well as the cost of excavation.  Saving animal lives needs support from various channels besides money, such as using animal-friendly products.  We can do a lot in our lifestyle in support of animal and our planet!







Read the original source please click: Puppy freed from drain pipe in dramatic rescue

What is your idea of celebrating Valentine day? Going for a nice romantic dinner? Having that special glass of wine while relaxing by a fireplace?  Maybe simply playing a fun game with family and friends?

We decided to offer a great recipe on homemade vegan truffle chocolates to top it all off!  These are soo delicious and easy to make! Very few ingredients are also required.

Here it is:

6 ounces of organic dark bittersweet chocolate (60% cocoa)

2/3 cup organic coconut cream (I use Wilderness family brand)

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ cup assorted coatings such as toasted coconut; grated chocolate; finely chopped pistachios; finely chopped toasted almonds

-Finely chop chocolate with food chopper; place in small batter bowl. Add coconut cream. Microwave, uncovered, on high 30 seconds; stir until smooth. If necessary, microwave an additional 15 seconds or until smooth. Stir in vanilla. Cover; and put in refrigerator until mixture is firm enough to scoop (at least 3 hours or overnight). Using small scoop, scoop truffles unto serving platter.

-Prepare assorted coatings and place into serving bowls. Roll truffles into


Enjoy! Also, don’t forget to wear your cute pair of Vandana Rose shoes 

Happy Valentines from Colourful Grass!

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Paper straws take us back to a time when life was simpler. We weren’t consumed with thoughts of chemicals, organic food, and the price of oil. Instead, a group of friends sat at the local diner, sipping milkshakes or sodas with paper straws. Paper straws are vintage, retro and also modern at the same time. They are old….made new!

Check it out on Greenmunch giveaway.  They are quite the conversation piece at any birthday party, a backyard barbeque, a wedding, or even just for everyday use. Wedding planners and brides love them, and of course, kids love them too! They spice up a reception table with a splash of colour from stripes, polka dots and even red hearts for Valentines. They are compostable, so you don’t have to worry about the impact on the environment when you’re finished with them.

Giveaway details:

250 assorted straws, various colours (retail value $30) open to USA and Canada.


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