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We decided to write about this rescue story as it touched our hearts at Colourful Grass as a pure example of what it is like to be compassionate for our animal friends and lead by example.

Hale to the heroes who have worked hard to free the puppy and to those who rescue animal lives around the world on a day by day basis!  The rescuers used a stethoscope to find the puppy’s location and excavated 7-foot deep and finally rescued the frightened puppy.

It was heartbreaking to see what the puppy would have endured in the drain pipe for a whole night; the hunger, darkness and dampness.  Gladly, people did anything to save the puppy. I witnessed the brightest and strongest power and union in the world.  Hope this little four-week-old puppy will not be afraid to crawl away again with so many helps and support from animal lovers.

On the other hand, this story is worth thinking a lot more than the happy story.  If you have noticed the destroyed drainage, a 7-foot-deep trench and an excavator involving in the rescue, you could evaluate the huge bill to fixing the drainage and the trench as well as the cost of excavation.  Saving animal lives needs support from various channels besides money, such as using animal-friendly products.  We can do a lot in our lifestyle in support of animal and our planet!







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