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We go shopping in malls and plazas every month with family, friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, do you start to notice eco-friendly apparel in their shopping bags?  If you noticed, don’t be surprised as a lot of other people did as well.  According to the latest survey from the 2012 Ryan Partnership Chicago/Mambo Sprouts Marketing Styling Sustainability, consumers would tend to double their eco-friendly apparel purchases in 2012.  Among the eco-apparel gateway categories footwear purchases will be remarkably reaching 48 percent.  Increasing eco-awareness encourage consumers to choose eco-friendly apparel (want to know about why eco-friendly or animal-friendly?  Please see our blog or watch Colourful Grass mission video).

Surprisingly quite a few people don’t even know where to buy eco clothing.  Eco apparel is usually expensive and has fewer styles as the non-eco apparel, and that’s why not so many stores sell eco apparel or put only a small portion in the showcases.

Colourful Grass has been dedicating to creating affordable stylish eco- and vegan footwear for both men and women.  Now we have selling points across Canada and the US, and online shoppers can easily find us on the famous ethical sites, such as PETA, Ethical Community and Green People, etc.  People love Colourful Grass shoes because we share the same value with consumers and the natural hemp canvas and coconut shell accessories that we use fully represent your eco-friendly style.    As spring has arrived and summer is coming, Colourful Grass is excited to launch 2012 Spring/Summer new styles sandals.  Come in the ethical fashion trend and refresh your styles with Colourful Grass shoes.  Take a visit to our Indiegogo campaign for more information.

A reminder to check our Indiegogo campaign page at the link below and watch the video to see what the Colourful Grass family has to say: http://www.indiegogo.com/colourfulgrassfootwear?a=413479

We are looking for support from friends and family to bring to market our new spring/summer collection 2012 and we are offering great perks in return. If you could share the link through your network, it would be really appreciated!

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Colourful Grass is a new and promising company with a strong mission to act for our next generation.  As a young Canadian family company, Colourful Grass needs your support to initiate various marketing campaigns such as point of sale display, mini catalogues and order forms, as well as to launch new stylish eco friendly & vegan footwear.  Many customers and our retail partners are constantly inquiring about our new styles for this spring/summer.  With the help of Indiegogo and people like you, we’ll be able to bring to market a full collection of Colourful Grass footwear.

Instead of trying to change the world, why not just change our actions towards our purchases? Colourful Grass is about planting seeds, the kind of seed that will grow into a sustainable future and help protect the right of all living things on it. After all, the planet we leave behind is what our children will call home.

Colourful Grass is a strong team with creative minds and wonderful designs ready for your love for the eco vegan fashion.  Please visit our Facebook page to see our fantastic 2012 Premier Collection.

We are also offering great rewards in return of your support, such as limited edition Colourful Grass hemp t-shirts, E-video, and we are offering you the opportunity to be the first one to get your feet in these cute 2012 Premier footwear Collection at special prices.  What a great way to pre-order your pair.  You can choose different perks for different contributions.

If you like eco fashion or animal friendly footwear, and you also want to do something for the planet, please join Colourful Grass family and support us in your ways, thank you.

PS: Don’t forget to take a minute to watch our small video clip and learn more about Colourful Grass.

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Paper straws take us back to a time when life was simpler. We weren’t consumed with thoughts of chemicals, organic food, and the price of oil. Instead, a group of friends sat at the local diner, sipping milkshakes or sodas with paper straws. Paper straws are vintage, retro and also modern at the same time. They are old….made new!

Check it out on Greenmunch giveaway.  They are quite the conversation piece at any birthday party, a backyard barbeque, a wedding, or even just for everyday use. Wedding planners and brides love them, and of course, kids love them too! They spice up a reception table with a splash of colour from stripes, polka dots and even red hearts for Valentines. They are compostable, so you don’t have to worry about the impact on the environment when you’re finished with them.

Giveaway details:

250 assorted straws, various colours (retail value $30) open to USA and Canada.


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A big NEWS for Eco-shoe fans!

In the celebration of Chinese New Year, Colourful Grass provides our customers:  30% Off on all Colourful Grass products + FREE shipping in Canada& USA, or buy any one pair at full price and get a FREE Severn shoe of your choice.

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