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Promoting Veganism


A Vegan is a person who abstains from using animal products in their diet mainly. A lifestyle vegan is a person who extends this idea of veganism into the other areas of their life.

As it seems to be still new in the western world, this is not a new concept in India, where the idea/practice of Jainism has been around since many centuries. Jainism basically practises the concept of ahimsa, or non-violence towards all living things.

Veganism is becoming more prevalent now in forms of restaurants, vegan communities, and celebs promoting Veganism. Vegan products are also becoming popular and are a fast growing industry.

Promoting veganism can be done with a few simple steps such as:-

  • Cookbooks/Recipes

When many people think about a vegan diet, they think boring. This is however, not the case, vegan recipes can be extremely healthy and delicious. However, just reading a recipe may not make someone want to try something new, which brings us to our next method,

  • Photography

When writing a cookbook or blog post about vegan recipes, it is important to show off your end product. This is where photography comes in, and good quality photographs can stimulate the interest level of the reader.

  • Vegan Blogs/Columns

Writing a blog or column about being a vegan and how it has changed your life, narrating experiences can be quite effective in reaching out to people who are just starting out and do not have a good idea about veganism or do not know about the benefits of it.

  • Vegan pound party/food fair

A vegan pound party or food fair is a great idea to pull in the interest of the people who are a bit unsure of what this lifestyle/diet has to offer. The pound party basically means the host prepares some vegan dishes and splits the cost of the ingredients needed by the number of the guests. The food fair is also a good idea, as it lets people experience different dishes or vegan products and also can bring about family time.

  • Vegan Society

Starting a vegan society in your community can create awareness among the people. Plus, having a group in the midst of your community, you can even encourage the restaurants provide more vegan options.


November 1st is World Vegan Day and now the whole of November has been designated as Vegan month, so this is the perfect time to plan ahead to promote veganism in your community. Comment below and tell us, how you plan to promote veganism during this month.

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